Maria is the head photographer of the PhotoWorld studio. Born to a family of creative photographers, Maria came into contact with photography at the age of only 6. She loves photographs “with a difference” images that touch a person’s soul and generate emotions. Her aim is to always capture images that are “for life” and not merely in fashion… Her method of shooting pictures cannot be described with just one word.

She combines spontaneity with modern and timeless images. Maria believes that a photographer is successful when he cultivates the way he looks at things together with his aesthetics, elements that must be combined with highly advanced professional equipment. The first thing she looks for in the people she takes pictures of is their look… she understands a lot from that!

She is married to her beloved Nicholas and is the happy mother of two, Demetres and Stylianos.

Maria has received several photography awards:

– 2018 PWS 1st Place in Christ Category

– 2018 PWS 3rd Place in Christ Album Category

– 2017 WPPI LAS VEGAS 1st Place in Group Portrait

– 2017 Best of Greece 2nd Place in Christ Category

– 2017 PWS Competition 9 merit Awards

– 2016 WPPI LAS VEGAS 3 merit Awards

– 2016 PWS Competition  3rd Place Portrait category

– 2015 PWS Competition 7 merit Awards